AI Hochleistungs-Kryo-Kühlschränke mit hoher Kapazität

The Worthington Industries Artificial Insemination (AI) Series of cryogenic refrigerators are designed specifically for animal husbandry.

The liquid nitrogen refrigerators—the AI24 and AI21—offer greater capacity, maximum hold times and durability for rugged conditions. 
  • Built to last – lightweight ribbed aluminum exterior construction and magneformed necktube joints for maximum structural integrity
  • Reliable – designed and constructed to stringent specifications and the highest quality requirements
  • Ready – samples can be easily retrieved and stored for an extended period of time
Other products for AI include the AI Shield™, AIS1.5 and AIS3, which provides a solution for protecting frozen bull semen from adverse temperature fluctuations common in removing the canister from cryogenic refrigerators. See full features and benefits here. 

Product formerly branded CryoScience by Taylor-Wharton, which was acquired by Worthington Industries.

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